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I CAME BACK FOR YOU - a fanmix [listen]

I decide to make this playlist because I can not wait for Sinner. I love this couple so much, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! This playlist is for all Colesabel shippers who are in the same situation as mine. I hope you enjoy it!

"If we make it through this alive, I’m going to tell you the truth of why. And this time you had better believe me. I came back for you, Isabel." (SINNER)

Cole St Clair and Isabel Culpeper are Maggie Stiefvater's characters, from The Wolves of Mercy Falls book series.

1. gotta be tonight (lifehouse) // 2. flaws (bastille) // 3. poison & wine (the civil wars) // 4. run right back (the black keys) // 5. gold (wake owl) // 6. scared or selfish (kye kye) // 7. revelation of love (the blue van) // 8. light me up (birdy) // 9. inch of rope (courrier) // 10. dare you (hardwell feat matthew koma) 



This is my first attempt to make a FanArt using my tablet xD

I had made a promise for my friends of IDRIS.BR that my first FanArt with my tablet would be about the Will’s butt tattoo, a welsh dragon, so THATS IT! 

These are Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices serie, by Cassandra Clare.

This is not a scene from the book, I mean, it is, but the in book it was different. OBVIOUSLY. Since it would be impossible in the Victorian Era Will was wearing a boxer underwear, and many other things.. 


if we make it through this alive, i’m going to tell you the truth of why. and this time you had better believe me.

I Can’t Change The Way I am - a fanmix [listen]

A Cole St Clair Fanmix.

Cole is a Maggie Stiefvater's character, from The Wolves of Mercy Falls book series.

1. everybody loves me (onerepublic) // 2. lay me down and die (the blue van) // 3. alone together (fall out boy) // 4. dead and gone (the black keys) // 5. the mess I made (parachute) // 6. wake me up rock version (avicii) // 7. some nights (fun) // 8. nothing left to say (imagine dragons) // 9. teenage runaway (the blue van) // 10. wild country (wake owl) 


You Were Always There - a fanmix [listen]

Hopeless and Losing Hope, written by Colleen Hoover.

1. brahms’ lullaby (piano version) // 2. home (philip phillips) // 3. dare you to move (switchfoot) // 4. get up (barcelona) // 5. falling slowly (glen hansard and marketa irglova) // 6. yellow (coldplay) // 7. if my heart was a heart (owl city) // 8. forever young (audra mae and the forest rangers) // 9. learning to breathe (switchfoot) // 10. fix you (coldplay) // 11. arms (christina perri) // 12. the scientist (tyler ward, kina grannis and lindsey stirling) // 13. when I look to the sky (train)


Since We Were Kids - a fanmix [listen]

Hopeless and Losing Hope, written by Colleen Hoover.

1. sweet child o’ mine (taken by trees) // 2. stop crying your heart out (oasis) // 3. kiss me (ed sheeran) // 4. home (edward sharp and the magnetic zero) // 5. by your side (tenth avenue north) /// 6. sunshine lady (taken by trees) // 7. rubik’s cube (athlete) // 8. wings (birdy) 


Chased by the Skya fanmix [listen]

Under the Never Sky series, written by Veronica Rossi.

1. loa loa (la oreja de van gogh) // 2. six weeks (of monsters and men) // 3. open your eyes (snow patrol) // 4. iridescent (linkin park) // 5. stop crying your heart out (oasis) /// 6. sweet talk (the killers) // 7. atlas (coldplay) // 8. hopeless wanderer (mumford and sons) // 9. times like these acoustic (foo fighters) // 10. the end (kings of leon)


If I Loved You - A Cole & Isabel fanmix (the wolves of mercy falls by maggie stiefvater)


1. shake it out (florence + the machine) // 2. baby, i’ve got time (the blue van) // 3. white blank pages (mumford and sons) // 4. the best of you (foo fighters) // 5. we made a pact (hey rosetta!) // 6. i believe (basic vacation) // 7. silly boy (the blue van) // 8. don’t cry (guns n’ roses) // 9. too afraid to love you (the black keys) // 10. hear me (imagine dragons) // 11. learning to breathe (switchfoot) // 12. fix you (coldplay)

Check out this mix on @8tracks: If I Loved You by 2mmary.